Betty’s Fest: Saturday Line-up


Betty’s Fest, a two-night benefit show, starts tomorrow when the doors open at 7:00 p.m. and we’ve already covered who’s playing on the first night.

Located at 407 49th Avenue North, Betty’s Grill provides a performance space for artists representing a broad range of musical styles and genres. As a token of their respect and appreciation of Betty’s, many artists have joined forces to create this event with the intention of donating 100 percent of the money raised to purchase a new PA system for Betty’s. It really represents the best parts of Nashville—community, music, and generosity.

Now let’s get to Saturday’s line-up, in no certain order:

Tennessee SCUM
Mike Scum- Guitars, Bass, backing and lead vocals, writer/producer
Christmas Scum- Lead vocals, auxiliary, writer/arrangement
Guest rhythm section including: Brian Hickman, Wesley Mitchell, Jason Dietz, Kyle Frary, Jay Palmer, Keegan Kellogg

Tennessee SCUM is an in-your-grill political punk band that spits in the face of authority. Hailing from middle Tennessee most often in the form of an aggressive 3 piece. Compromised of guest players lead by husband-and-wife duo Mike and Christmas Scum. The band was founded in 2012 and has been scumming on southern cities far and wide since. While SCUM has a sound that occupies some heavy Dead Kennedys/The Cramps territory, they embody a noise like none other with feverish vocals over surf punk guitars, who rip through their set in a whirlwind of snotty dirty south hard-core. Listen here.

The Chewers
The Chewers are Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler, two freaks from the woods of West Virginia. After incubating separately in the strange, timeless hills of the back-woods, they met and eventually wound up (quite arbitrarily) in Nashville, Tennessee.

Within a dense fog of cultish isolation, they create deliberately off-kilter music. Each Chewer plays various instruments which coagulate into an eclectic blend of deadpan, primitive rock, heavily focused on rhythmic interplay and unbalanced semi-melodic car-crashes.

The songwriting has a strong isolationist streak running through it. The songs feature characters who are immersed in psychological hells, struggling with deep disconnect and dissatisfaction with the society they live in. Though thematically dark, these subjects are presented with a crooked sense of humor and the absurd. Listen here.

Thank You Please
Thank You Please is an Electro Punk Doom Duo that has been performing and writing together since 2016 and members Kent Osborne and Jerry Bennett have known each other since their early years of playing instruments. The two met in Atlanta-, which is where they spent majority of their life and have since migrated to Nashville. The duo pushes the boundaries of what two people can do musically and they constantly bend the genres of punk and metal. Listen here.

National Recording Artist Vladopus9 is the accumulation of many years of eclectic musical experiences. Joseph Page’s influences originate from the classic rock, hair metals bands, and heavy/speed/thrash metal bands of the 1980’ into the punk scenes that dominated the 1990’s and early 2000’s. While cultivating his techniques and musical agendas through writing, playing, and performing in various alternative, punk, folk, noise, and rock bands throughout the years-, the music that Page is now creating is a true reflection of what influenced him the most within all of those musical communities as well as the life experiences, and worldviews that drive daily life. Lisa Rau is the truest example of how a love for music can produce real talent. With her unique and honest approach to vocals, alongside her passion to never imitate another performer-, her vocal style is compelling, honest, and her own. While trying not to lose his mind and wondering where he is or going, Chris Simpson’s drumming pursuits began influenced by the video age and by crawling under a rock and digging just enough to uncover the surface in order to see what was beneath it all-, Simpson developed an approach to music unique to himself. Previous projects range from heavy metal jazz and trainswrecks-, to straight-forward punk rock and Simpson continues these influences on with structured dynamic drums-, while playing the kitchen sink or campy, burned-out triggers/samples. Simpson plays to the vocals while setting the heartbeat of the songs with his driving raw/heavy/fast noise, to dropping stops/fallout silence with the true passion of all great drummers/artists. From Tim Geiger’s earliest musical pursuits, his style was his own. Whether from his background in finger-picking folk, punk, or alternative six string guitar playing-, Geiger strove to create sounds both creative and personal and although he began as a six string guitarist-, his transformation/evolution into a bass guitar player, has truly catapulted him into a level of musicianship that can not be duplicated. Listen here.

Others scheduled to perform:
And some of our favorite peeps from WXNA’s “Nashville U” will conduct an on-air interview from 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. on Saturday. Nashville can tune in at 101.5 FM and everyone else in the universe can stream it at As always, listen again and again via their archives once the show has aired.
ONE MORE THING: Today is the last day to enter to win 372WN’s Betty’s Fest Ultimate Fan VIP Package – we’ll deliver it to one lucky winner tomorrow!

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