Betty’s Fest: Friday Line-up


If you missed the article about pie wagons in our very first issue, go back and check out the entry regarding Candy John’s Pie Wagon to learn about what would eventually become Betty’s Grill.

For some of Nashville’s most innovative artists, Betty’s is more than just a favorite local dive with fantastic cheeseburgers—it is an institution willing to give them a place to perform. In gratitude and love for Betty’s, some of these artists have joined forces to create Betty’s Fest, which will raise money that will be used to purchase an upgraded P.A. system for Betty’s Grill.

This Friday (May 18th) and Saturday (May 19th), fourteen (seven per night) bands will converge to share their ART. Here’s a look at the official bios and links to listen to some of Friday night’s lineup, in no certain order. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.—for five bucks (or more, if you’re generous), come on out and experience a piece of authentic Nashville!

Chop Chop Chang
Chop Chop Chang is the recorded electronic music project of Zac W. Caffrey, influenced by the darker side of the electronica wasteland as well as the meditative sounds of native drumming across the World Music spectrum. Caffrey has developed a simultaneously tense/relaxing conglomerate of these genres into a sound which has been described as industrial, organic, primitive, futuristic, opiated and chaotic. As a live performer Caffrey takes these dichotomies to the stage. Taking his name from the first ape ever sent to space and clad in a chimpanzee mask Caffrey stalks the stage—man possessed by beast, trying to translate sounds neither one can fully understand, wrangling them via his devices before dancing/lurching backward to let another groove infect the audience. It is an experience both calming and disturbing, welcoming and off-putting. It is the sound and vision of a creature which has seen the cosmos and in some ways can never return. Listen here.

R. Stevie Moore
Improviser, composer, arranger, producer, musical conceptualist, comedy writer, vocal stylist, filmmaker, sketchpad artist, drama example, self-taught instrumentalist and bon vivant, R. Stevie Moore was born in 1952 in Nashville to famed Elvis bass player Bob. Since 1966, RSM has recorded nearly 2,000 songs on over 400 very original homemade albums of alarmingly idiosyncratic variety and styles, often considered a seminal pioneer in the DIY ethic. Remaining virtually unknown, he quietly resided in New Jersey as curator of his own museum until now . . . based back in Tennessee and touring the planets. Listen here.

The legendary composer Tod Dockstader (1932-2015, R.I.P.) referred to music as “organized sound.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m fair-use quotin’ Otis Redding and giving a big “Ungh!” to, say it loud, kids: Reduktionismus in Aktion ist


That’s right, Oding-dangS: no “lyrics,” “beats,” “pitch,”  “tones,” (etcetera, etceterungh), just . . . sound (and its competent organization thereof, 😹). Turnt!

So listen up, Special, the next time you’re forkin’ it over for an evening with your favorite sound organizers, I’m gonna stop you right in your GD tracks (that’s right, it’s spray amyl nitrate, don’t make me use it) and reroute you to the next performance of . . .


Cause then you will be overwhelmed (Plug!) with a sound organized like . . . know other (heh-heh). (IOW: They’re topical! [Sie sind aktuell!])

Wait, gotta take you off speaker-phone.

O.S. (Off Screen)

Today? Their first EP drops? Whoa!

Gotta go, overwhelm__d’s first EP is out. Plug!

Your friend,

Rand Ion

*“Reductionism in Action is Refreshing!

Listen here.

There’s a dirty low-frequency radio signal broadcasting to the dive bars and house shows of Nashville: guitar songs scraping the tectonics of time and genre; the tension between an aching belief in better days and an urgent, ephemeral enjoyment; enough 0 to make the 1 sound pretty good. The music is Terrible. Listen here.

Others—give ’em a listen:

Neon Black
Secret Friends

And don’t forget to register to win the only Betty’s Fest Ultimate Fan VIP Package – only two days left before we award someone with shirts, vinyl, CDs, cassettes, stickers, pins, and two free meals!


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