Labor pains


As I mentioned in my previous post, this magazine has been a two-year process for me . . . but only now, are we ‘in labor’ . . . the labor of:

Writing stories.
Finalizing contracts.
Signing contracts.
Wrangling contributors.
Selling ads.
Determining distribution.
Meetings, meetings, meetings.
And so on.

As word gets around that this is happening, I have been inundated with ideas, visions, dreams of others . . . . great neighbors and community business owners who have joined me in the labor and delivery room, coaching me. Strangers becoming friends through a common vision to lift up West Nashville’s eclectic, collective identity. People who value its rich history and its growth. This is exactly the energy needed, and we’re getting there. The expectancy, anticipation, excitement, and . . . well, yes, labor.

Thanks to those who are rallying behind this bundle of joy; shifting from I to we is a beautiful thing.


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