West Nashville, we need this.


Two years ago, I realized we needed a source that transcended individual forms of media to deliver the news and stories affecting our neighborhoods. Something that would be available in print and online, to reach as many West Nashvillians as possible.

372WN, the magazine with the odd name, is West Nashville’s magazine. 

Each issue will be packed with informative, interesting features that cover current happenings; historical facts and anecdotal memories; business and people profiles; and artery news from West End, Charlotte and Centennial.

And with so many new people moving into our community at rapid-fire pace, we’re also including quick-reference guides that answer those “how do I . . . ” and “when do I . . . ” sorts of questions.

We’re dedicated to telling your stories. If you have an idea or question, reach out! We’re not kidding when we say that 372WN is a magazine for and about West Nashville. Without your input, how can that be?

West Nashville, we’re in this together. All of us. Please join this exciting adventure


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